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Hail, Fayetteville! It's fun as hell slinging our southern-fried seitan outta the food truck. Come #stuffyerface at the Yacht Club on College Ave. Serving Weds-Sat every week for lunch (11:30a-2:30p) and dinner (5:30p-8:00p). Click below for complete hours, special closings, and additional events.

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We sling southern-fried, wickedly good seitan. You can make devilicious meals at home with our signature Crispy Seitan Cutlets and Nuggets. Check out our Bartleby's At Home recipe collection for some fiendishly fine ideas. 

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Our Mission

Bartleby’s mission is to empower people to do good for themselves, the animals, and the planet—one meal at a time.

We achieve our mission by following seven guiding principles.

Our completely plant-based seitan requires less land and less water to produce than cutlets or nuggets made with actual chicken. We began serving in April of 2018, and since then have saved thousands of chickens, thousands of gallons of water, and offset thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide. To see how we calculated these figures, see the blog post on Our Environmental Impact.