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Grocery Store Locations

Great shops are adding Bartleby's products to their shelves every week. Don't see us near you? Make a recommendation by emailing Stephanie at!

Here are the current locations stocking our Crispy Cutlets and/or Nuggets:



New York


Restaurant Locations

Restaurants are adding Bartleby's cutlets and nuggets to their menu to elevate their vegan opfferings. Here are some locations serving our Crispy Cutlets and/or Nuggets:

New Hampshire


Stock Bartleby's In Your Shop

Our devils across the nation are asking for our Crispy Seitan Cutlets and Nuggets at groceries and specialty shops in all of the 48 states. Bring our wickedly delicious, hand-battered and southern-fried seitan to your shelves today. 

We are currently accepting new Grocery store partners! Please fill out our New Account Form here to place your first order.

Have a copy of your Resale Certificate ready to send along. You can still purchase wholesale from Bartleby's without a resale certification, but we will charge you sales tax in that case.