Reheating Instructions

Our southern-fried seitan is the best! Keep your items frozen until ready to reheat and stuff yer face. We recommend using an oven (conventional, convection, and air fryer cook times are listed below) for peak crispiness and primo sizzle action. We do not recommend reheating seitan with a microwave.

Cook Times

Pre-heat your oven ot 400°F. Place your frozen seitan on a sheet pan, flipping once about halfway through. You're looking for the seitan to be heated all the way through with an internal tem of 165°F, and the outsides to be crispy and crunchy. 

  Conventional Oven Convection Oven Air Fryer
Crispy Cutlets 18-22 mins 8-10 mins 8 mins
Nuggets 7-9 mins 4-5 mins 4-5 mins