Bartleby's At Home Recipe Collection

Listen, we know sometimes you just need to stuff an entire Crispy Cutlet straight into your monstrous mouth-hole. It's a devil's prerogative. We support you. But if you've got a little time, and yer feeling kinda fancy, you can't go wrong with one of our Bartleby's At Home recipes. Crafted especially for Bartleby's using our signature crispy seitan, these recipes are wicked delicious, totally plant-based, and the best versions of your favorite comfort foods.

We love to see how you're devouring our seitan at home, so use hashtag #BartlebysAtHome and tag us (@bartlebysfood) when you share your creation on social media. And when you need to stock up again, make just a few clicks at our Shop, and we'll send a fresh pack of Crispy Seitan Cutlets or Nuggets straight to your door.