The Start and the Kickstarter

Hi, devils! Stephanie here, the Founder and Owner of Bartleby’s (read more about me and my team on the About page). You’ll likely see me slinging sandwiches and passing nuggets through the truck window, but I also love interacting with you through social media, email, and this website. I thought this blog would be a good place to provide you updates on the truck, our locations, and―most importantly!―the food. Bartleby’s Seitan Stand is fun and delicious, but we also have a mission that we take very seriously. My hope is that everyone who comes to the truck leaves having filled their tummy with great noms, having found some smiles and giggles (cause we so punny), and having learned a bit more about plant-based food and the good it can do for you, for the animals, and for the planet.

Shortly before our truck debuted in streets of Boston, we launched a Kickstarter campaign. And guess what? WE DID IT! I am so grateful for all the people who joined together to shout out “to hell with meat!” with us. We are currently working on sending you, our backers, your well-earned rewards. I cannot wait to see everyone with their Bartleby’s stickers, hats, and t-shirts, and stuffing their face full of fries! We hope to have all rewards delivered to you by the end of May. Come by to celebrate  with us!

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