Our Thanks on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be a bit of a challenge. As a plant-based company, we struggle with celebrating a holiday that’s centered around the eating of a particular animal. As humans, we struggle with celebrating a holiday that highlights how cruelly the European settlers treated the indigenous peoples in this land.

Even so, we’ve got space to be thankful this holiday, and are trying to focus on the good. We love eating with our family and friends. And we’re so grateful for this amazing first year of food truck living. We’ve served thousands of seitan-based meals since we hit the road in April, and―because we provided all those cruelty-free meals―saved the lives of thousands of chickens and saved thousands of gallons of water. We got to meet so many of you kind and enthusiastic devils, and watched with delight as you lined up for piles of nuggets, mountains of sandwiches, and so many sweet potato fries. You showed us the most incredible, decadent ways to sauce up your seitan, and showed us the most incredible support for our business, even as we struggled with weather, truck troubles, and sick days.

We wouldn’t be here without you. It is a joy and honor to feed you. It still feels surreal to to wake up every morning and work towards a mission I truly believe in: saving animals, helping the environment, and making great food for all our hungry devils.

We’re thrilled to know that Bartleby’s nuggets will be gracing the Thanksgiving tables of some of you this year. And we know our day on Thursday will be spent feeling grateful for all of you who came to our big blue and orange truck over these last nine months. Thank you.
Stephanie leaning out food truck window
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