Feeding the Family

I love taking my parents out to eat whenever they come up from Florida to see me. During their last visit at beginning of July, we took an entirely vegan food tour. For this sweet couple, who only recently learned how to pronounce “vegan” correctly, it was quite the experience. They had questions for each of the restaurants and shops we visited. “Wait, there’s no butter? What about eggs? What about…” They just couldn’t believe that all the food we tried was made without any animals being involved!

Their last day in town was also a special service day for Bartleby’s. I had been hired to cater a birthday party, and decided to put my parents to work. They pulled on official Bartleby’s hats and shirts, joined me for grocery shopping, did prep work at the Food Revolution commissary, and helped me serve partygoers on site. My dad gravitated toward the fryer, and my mom assembled the sandwiches. All in all, the Kirkpatricks make a good team! I was really happy my parents could be a part of my food truck experience, and I’m grateful for such a supportive family.

Thanks to all these amazing establishments! You can see some of delicious things we ate in our “Food tour!” Instagram Story.
condiments station
Outstandingly tidy food prep and gleaming stainless work surfaces courtesy of Mama Kirkpatrick.
stephanie and her parents leaning out of food truck window
A supportive family and a display of exceptional dental care.
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