Event Recap: The Vegan Maker Collective

On the last day of September, we took part in the Vegan Maker Collective. This event was a rollercoaster! We experienced the bad, the ugly, and the good.

The Bad: Our beloved truck had a generator issue the day before the Collective, and we weren't sure if it could be fixed in time to make the journey out to Worcester. It was fixed, thanks to the handy work of Al Danley and his team at the Food Truck Builders Group, but we had to postpone our departure slightly. We arrived at the New Tradition Event space about a half hour late.

The Ugly: I usually staff the truck with three people (including me) so that we will be prepared for anything. Unfortunately, one of my scheduled team members fell ill and called out sick last minute. I reached out to all my other staff, friends, family, and the network of makers at the event. To my dismay, there was no one available to lend a hand. It was just me, Amanda, and a line of fifty hungry devils (and growing!) when we opened for service.

The Amazing, Amazing Good: Abby was about the tenth person in line for seitan, and when she finished ordering, she introduced herself to me. Abby is the daughter of Tamara, organizer of the Vegan Maker Collective. Abby graciously and generously offered to join the Bartleby's team, and spent the next three hours taking orders non-stop while Amanda and I prepared and cooked the food. It was a miracle.

We not only survived the day, but thrived. Abby, Al and the Food Truck Builders Group, and all the smiling, hungry attendees at the Collective turned this stressful day into an absolutely amazing experience. The next Vegan Maker Collective is in December 2nd (the Holiday Edition!), and we know nothing will stop us from getting there. Can't wait!


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