Event Recap: Matchstick Market (Salvaged Salvation!)

Matchstick Market in Clinton, MA is a weekly farmers and artisans market that is hosted all year long. The mission, in their own words, is "to cultivate an empowering space that is family-friendly, supportive of our local economy, and gives farms, artists and entrepreneurs a platform to positively contribute to our community." The magic Matchstick crew seeks out vendors who prioritize sustainability, environmentalism, and ethics as part of their business models, so we were honored to be a part of the scene a few weeks ago. The November 11th installation of MM was called Salvaged Salvation, and included vintage dealers, artists specializing in upcycled goods, recycled apparel, and other awesome things.

It's so well organized and curated! I recommend everyone goes. Among the group of talented vendors were Jennifer Lee's Bakery, specializing in allergen-free goodies, and The Plant Deli, serving up incredible handmade vegan meats and cheeses. My only regret about Matchstick was not being a part of more of their Sunday markets. Our one visit was on a beautiful, sunny, but wicked cold day. Lots of devils were excited to see Bartleby's parked out front, and most people returned to the truck to take more food to go! That warm response brought me so much joy, that it honestly didn't seem so cold out after all. I can't wait for next season at Matchstick Market, because I will be sure to dedicate many more calendar days to attend. 
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