Event Recap: Central Square Food Truck Festival

On a beautifully sunny October Saturday, we got to be a part of the Central Square Food Truck Festival in Cambridge. There were over thirty local food trucks stretched along Sidney Street by University Park, and the space was full of happy, hungry folks. Our line of customers was non-stop, and lots of our regular devils were happy to come find us.

We hit one hiccup during the event, when one of our fryers decided to misbehave―we had to make an impromptu shut-down for about an hour. My staff are wonderful, knowledgeable and hardworking… and they definitely know how to roll with the punches. Thanks to their cool heads, we switched to the back-up fryer for a bit, and were able to open our window back up to feed more people.

All in all, the it was a fun day, and I was so excited to be in Cambridge and participating with New England Open Markets and their bustling Central Square Food Truck Festival.
bartlebys food truck parked with other food trucks
Food trucks stretched along Sidney Street in Cambridge. Photo courtesy Joey Corso (positivesarcasm.com).