Chocolate on the Block

I love chocolate. Especially Taza Chocolate. It’s just better. That’s why I was so excited that Bartleby’s could be a part of the Taza Block Party on Saturday, May 5th. Taza is a great company, led by great people who work hard to create a delicious and unique chocolate that is both minimally processed and made from ethically sourced cacao. I was honored to be celebrating spring with them.

The annual event is a chance to connect with the friendly vendors and citizens of Somerville. I’ve lived in Somerville for two and a half years, so it felt special to serve food to my fellow residents, and my neighbors. I’ve been driving the big blue and orange Bartleby’s truck all around the city of Boston, and having blast doing that, but it was so nice to be sharing food in the place that I call home.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and made the day great, and a big thanks to Taza for hosting such an incredible event for the community.

[And thanks to @thomasdtran for capturing the perfect image of the day! We're glad you tagged us.]
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