Cambridge is Tasty

Taste of Cambridge has been filling bellies for sixteen years, and we were glad to make Bartleby’s part of its vibrant scene on July 10. Large community events like ToC are a great opportunity to introduce seitan to people who have never heard of it. One of the responsibilities of being in a niche market is education. Most people these days have heard of tofu and tempeh as meat-alternatives, but seitan is completely unknown to many folks in this country (though the hungry devils in the Buddhist communities of China, Japan, and Vietnam have been eating it for about 1500 years). I think seitan is delicious and it’s an amazing source of protein, so it was super fun to describe the cooking process to the friendly Cantabrigians and watching their eyes light up when they tried a sample (and then asked for another).

The event itself was big, bustling, and tons of fun. There were loads of veggie options available! I took a little break to snag a yummy green bean salad from Whole Heart Provisions, and some truly incredible vegan mac & cheese from Veggie Galaxy. There were lots of other vendors sharing veggie tastes, but I had to scurry back to my big blue and orange truck before I could try them all. Hope to see you next year, ToC!

Our truck looking cool and casual on the scene at Taste of Cambridge.