A Fest and A Feast

We’ve been been able to serve at a lot of community events lately! In June we celebrated at the Cambridge Arts River Festival on the 2nd and at the Feast of the East in Arlington on June 16th.

Cambridge Arts River Festival
Joyce, who coordinated the vendors for the World of Food, was wonderful to work with, and the entire festival was very, very well organized. There were dozens and dozen of vendors serving food, and displaying their art, wearables, and decorative items. I found a beautiful blanket scarf made from bamboo and had to splurge on it! All proceeds from the sale went to help empower women, so you know I was glad to support that cause.

We traded tasty eats with our food truck neighbors, including Zaaki, which serves Mediterranean delights. I was so excited to learn they had delicious vegan options available. I’ll be visiting Zaaki again soon as hungry customer, and not just as food truck pal.

We had visits from my roommate and many other loyal devils who don’t always have the chance to eat with us during our normal service days. I loved being on the Cambridge side of the Charles River for a change. We’d love to provide more regular service days in Cambridge or Somerville, but are wicked happy to be enjoying these special community events in the meanwhile.

Feast of the East
The devils of Arlington are so, so nice. Seriously. So nice. The Feast of the East was held on a beautiful summer day. From our truck window, we saw lots of puppies, gaggles of children in face-paint, heaps of nuggets―and oceans of lemonade. We had such a great time meeting new friends and reconnecting with old friends around the wheat-meats. Plus, I was doing my favorite thing: serving people food! Many of the folks lining both sides of Mass Ave were already friendly fans of seitan, and, if not, they were willing to try a free sample (and then immediately buy a 13-piece order as new and enthusiastic converts).

We loved seeing so many kids with wild face-paint, and I’d highly recommend this event for families. I hope we can participate again next year!
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